Jason: “Hi, my name is Jason. I am from Sarnia, Ontario Canada. I have been taking the mangosteen and mineral products, healthy energy drink, and the hydration formula for over a year and the new weight loss shake just recently. I am so grateful for this product. I have always had great control with my type 1 Diabetes and have been living with it for over 28 years. The mangosteen and mineral product has allowed me to give less of my insulin and still maintain good blood sugar levels and have even better control. This has put a lot of belief in the products and why I decided to become a brand partner and do this as a business by sharing something that is going to help other people and make a difference in their lives.”

Jason J.

Mike: “I have two health issues, type 2 diabetic and Multiple Sclerosis. I began taking minerals and mangosteen Nov.2008. My A1C was 9.6 and I was taking the highest dose of medication possible and exercising 1 hr. per day. My blood sugar level was remaining in the higher level, but as of June 2009 (8 months) my A1C is 6.8. Most days my blood sugar level is in the 80-120s. I believe the minerals and mangosteen has made a difference in my blood sugar level because I have not been able to exercise as much because of the MS.

The most amazing benefit is how soon I noticed the effect it has had with the MS. I was diagnosed Oct. (2006) after having problems with my eyes and other problems associated with MS. The MS had spread from the brain down my spine. I started steroid treatments immediately and (Betaseron) shots every other day. I would have severe flare up for the next 2 yrs causing me to be hospitalized for several days at a time. The next treatment was in Feb.2009, I had 4 days of treatment at (treatment center) not the hospital. During the 2009 yr I would have flare ups that would last for less than 48 hrs (that means no treatments)! I have now gone one year between treatments (Feb.2010). As I stated above, I started taking the minerals and mangosteen on Nov. 2008 and take 4oz of minerals and mangosteen per day. It is hard to believe that 4oz of minerals and mangosteen could change my life but it has.”