Food Allergies


Chris: “Wheat Gluten Free? No More! For the past several years I have been unable to eat any wheat or wheat gluten without suffering through hours of terrible digestive pains. Let me just say that this diet sucks when everyone around you is eating whatever they want, and you would never believe the amount of things that have wheat and/or wheat gluten in them!

In the past weeks, I have started taking my minerals, mangosteen & aloe and found myself yet again, stuck choosing to either not eat or eat wheat. Hunger won that fight, but to my surprise, I had no symptoms like those of my past. I know that this is because of this supplement because only a few days prior to starting it, I had a similar situation occur and I paid for it for almost 32 hours.

Besides being able to eat again, I also can’t believe the amount of energy that I have gained. I can even keep up with these kids up and down the stairs! I can’t stop talking about how great this stuff is, and I will never stop using it!"

Sincerely, Chris

Renee: “My name is Renee and I joined this home-based business opportunity for the financial rewards. I’ve have always supplemented with nutritional products. Was I in for a surprise! About ten years ago, when I was age 31, I was diagnosed as having severe food allergies to most things that most people eat on a day-to-day basis. I had never been allergic to any foods in my life so I was shocked! They included wheat, milk, eggs, sugar, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and so on… I was so allergic that I went into anaphylactic shock just during my skin tests. I had been on allergy shots twice a week since 1995 with frequent skin tests to adjust my serum. After taking the product for about a month and a half I started noticing that I was forgetting to take my shots. I had always remembered to take them because the frequent facial pain and migraines served as a reminder. Lets face it, when you allergic to just about everything its hard not to eat the things you are allergic too. It dawned on me one day that the reason I was forgetting to take them was because I was not having the symptoms less and less. I have not had an injection in about a month and though I have an occasional flare-up (when I eat too much of the things I most allergic too)I do not have to take those dreaded shots which leaves my arm sore for about 2 days! If this business doesn’t take off for me financially, I will continue taking the product!!! (But that’s not going to happen… I have a big DREAM and no ones going to steal it!)."

Sincerely, Renee